A Perspective Of A Positive Fan

My name is Chuck and I am a positive SU fan! This does not make me a better fan than anyone else nor does it make it any worse...it is simply a perspective that I have to allows me to enjoy watching the games in my own way.

For some fans, they like the analytical side of sports. They like to break down plays and games and analyze the stats. I tried to be more like this and become more of an "informed fan" but I found it took away joy from the game for me.

For some fans, they are pessimistic and need to be proven their team can win or in some cases only support winning teams. They often live in the past a lot either looking at championships to support their fandom or remembering the dark times to support their pessimism. 

Then there are some fans like me who are more the cheerleader fans. I love when we win but when we lose, I simply chose to find the positives and move on to the next game. I like to send love either way believing that with positive reinforcement, they will feel the support. I believe every game is winnable until the last second of the game or last game of the season. This does not mean I love to lose or don't get frustrated when we are down but it simply means I enjoy trying to find the positives to root for and holding out hope tomorrow will be better. If I can help it, I stay until the end of the game and then maybe even show my team some love and support somehow. I NEVER BOO MY OWN TEAM EVER!!!!!

For me, sports is an escape from reality and a leisure activity. It is a way to relax and root for my favorite team when the rest of my life is stressful. I am not here to complain about failures or tell a player where they made a mistake...most likely they already know or have coaches who will tell them and do not need me telling them anything. It's also a community of fellow fans/friends who also love the same team that we can enjoy the experiences together. I follow what is going on in our society but I do not watch the news much not because I do not care but because often so much of it is just so negative and often I want my sports the same way. I realize the world is a dark place at times but I also know that is not the only world out there and that there are people doing good things all the time but the mistakes are the things that make big news stories.

Most journalists are trained to and paid to provide their take on news and teams. For many of them, this involves analyzing and discussing stats, win/lose records and flaws they may notice that if addressed feel might help. This helps the analytical fans especially but also allows further discussions about our teams. But for many of the positive fans who are seeing things in a different light, this can also cause conflict and disagreement and possibly even be seen as a lack of support for the players and coaches. I like to hear about my team and follow any breaking news but I admit sometimes too much analysis ruins it for me so I try to limit how much I participate in and only do so in moments I am in the mood to handle it.

Let's face it, we are all different and often times those difference cause a clash. It's all about perspective! Game Of Thrones was a huge hit but I never liked it. Does that mean I am a bad guy? No it just means I have different things that entertain me than those who like it. Sports is the same way. There should be space for all voices (maybe even in media) because we won't all agree. I have some sports personalities on social media blocked or at least do not follow them simply because I know we will never agree given their takes. But there are some I follow even though we may disagree because I believe they are informative and not intentionally looking for the "hot take". 

I personally love putting on my Orange and rooting for Syracuse. I love looking forward to game day and watching the games when I can. I like to keep things in perspective because I am not playing nor am I a manager and as a caregiver, I have enough stress in my life without adding more worrying about things I can't control. 

Every day I take care of mom not knowing how her Alzheimer's will impact her day as well as mine and the last thing I need for either of us is carrying around baggage simply because my team lost...plus I know when I played even at the most basic levels, I responded more to being coaches properly and positive reinforcement than I did negativity and I carry that same train of thought into my watching the games as a fan. Much like a handshake line after a game, I want to enjoy when we win but shake their hand saying good game when we lose and move on to the next game confident things will be better the next time around.

I know I have loved Syracuse since I was a young age. I would watch the games and root for the Orange. I have heard the people who seem to thrive on hating the team and that does bother me some. I have friends who are pessimistic or analytical but they respect the way I watch just as I respect their views even if sometimes I may not see things the same way they do. I admit hearing anything that can be perceived as negative does bother me but I get it...we are not all the same and do not think the same either.

So if you will excuse me, the SU women's basketball team plays tonight and it is time to put my Orange colored glasses on and be excited that another SU team will play today and hopefully win. And if not, I have faith in the program and the coaches and the players to address it so that we can win the next one and I will still bleed Orange. One day they will bury me Orange and thanks to my amazing wife and great friends, they even married me Orange!.