No Matter The Season, The Fun Begins At The Beginning II

A few year ago, I was listening to the Brent Axe radio show (who I am fan of and respect his work) and he would feature a weekly segment with Mikey K from The Beginning II and discuss sports, especially since they were both Bills and Red Sox fans. I always enjoyed these segments so one day I walked in to try it and I have to say that not only was Mikey as great in person to talk to but the food and atmosphere were excellent (even for a Mets fan who doesn't watch football anymore). Trust me, the food and portions are very good as are the prices for them. I mean they have to be good right if their website is :)

Those who know me know that I do not get out much but if I did, I have to admit this would be a place I would stop often for a cheese steak and wings (I actually have not tried their pizza but I plan to next time I stop in). There are many great places that I enjoy here in the Syracuse area, which is part of why I love it here and The Beginning II is easily among my favorites.  In fact, I told my GF that if we live close enough one day and I am needing to get away, she will most likely find me here.

The graphic above might not apply this basketball season but I am using it to show that The Beginning II is also a great place to watch SU basketball and football games and find some good deals. You can also find deals during the NFL season as well to make it a great place to watch with friends and other fans. 

Or if you are feeling a bit active yourself, check out their schedule for Turbo Bocce, volleyball and other events happening here.

Also as you can see above, not every thing at The Beginning II revolves around sports. When the summer arrives, Wednesday's mean Party On The Patio, which to mean seems like a great deal of fun. Often times as well, they will feature a local musician or band that you might enjoy hearing live.

So next time you're in East Syracuse and looking for some good food or good fun, the fun begins at The Beginning II. For more information on them, check out their website here and click the links to follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to stay atop of their specials and happenings, especially if you are a Buffalo Bills or Boston Red Sox fan.