Running List Of Father's Day Gift Ideas And Deals In The Cuse

Sadly for some of us, our fathers are not around and it may not be a day of celebration like it is for others but if your father is around and in your life, here are some ways he might like for you to show him some appreciation on top of just simply saying, "I love you" while you still can. I lost my dad, who was also my best man at my wedding, in 2015 and it still hurts a lot especially on days like this but if I can help just one person make that day more special and memorable, maybe these ideas can help a bit. I will update this as I continue to see more ideas to add.

And for those who need a laugh, scroll to the bottom of the page for some dad jokes as well to end this on a more happy note. Happy Father's Day to you dad's out there who loved their kids and helped them be who they are today.