What I Love In The Cuse...@HofmannSausage

I LOVE SYRACUSE! I know it is not everyone's cup of tea but it is definitely mine. I love the people...I love the cooler weather...I love the mix of city life and country views...and I love the brands and businesses that add character to the Syracuse area and makes it more unique.

One of my favorites is Hofmann Sausage. If I were to have a final meal on Earth, it would likely be a toss up between pizza and Hofmann's (probably either the German franks or one of their cheddar sausage deals).I have loved their German Franks since I was a young kid and it is my hot dog of choice.

One thing I love about Syracuse is the amount of places I can get Hofmann Franks. I can get them at Syracuse Mets games and at the Dome. I can always fry or grill them at home. I can visit Heids, Salt City Dogs, Spera's Meats and more. I can order it anytime from their online store.

In fact, if you want to order them online right now, you can save money. If you order online right now and have them shipped before the Memorial Day weekend, you can save 20% just using the keyword REMEMBER.  They offer a wide variety of products these days as well and everyone that I have tried has been delicious.

Hofmann is not just available at local places but they are a local company located on Eastern Avenue off Malloy Road. This is a local company that literally adds flavor to the area. When I lived away from the area, my family and I always loaded up on locally made products before leaving and one of them was always Hofmann's.

Other hot dogs may have their hot dog eating contests where someone devours it but I love my Hofmann's with nothing on it and taking my time to enjoy the great taste as it was made. I admit it...I am a hot dog snob because I might occasionally eat another brand if it is soaked in ketchup but anytime I have the choice, I always choose Hofmann's German Franks...or Snappy Grillers/Coneys as well.

If you have a family dinner coming up, try the delicious hickory smoked ham which made our Easter so much more enjoyable. Or try their one of their products with cheddar and/or jalapenos in it to change it up a bit. Grab a bag of jerky for a nice snack on the go. Or if you like to put mustard on them, try their brand of German style.