Welcome To Life In The Cuse

Hello and welcome to Life In The Cuse!

If you're seeing this, I've obviously decided now is the time to go live with an idea I had. What started as Cuse Cheap turned into Deals In The Cuse which also led me to start Jobs In The Cuse which led me to this. I have no desire to compete with media outlets or anyone doing anything in any way similar but I wanted to provide a resource to help people in the area, visiting the area or looking to move to the Syracuse/CNY area and I am willing to work with anyone who wants to improve the lives of people and businesses in the area.

For years, I heard people constantly stating the lack of jobs or things to do, saying how it was so expensive to live in the Syracuse and overall just constantly negative towards it and it bothered me. I have never pretended that Syracuse was perfect but I do think if all you see is the negatives, you are missing out on so much more that life and the region can offer you.

I'm nothing special...I am merely a guy who looks around and tries to find the positives in life and despite living elsewhere for many years, have always called Syracuse home and spent most of my vacations coming back when I did. Now I am back and I want to help make this area and our lives better in any way that I possibly can.

As caregiver for a mother in her late stages of Alzheimer's, I can tell you that I am overwhelmed at times by life and I could sit here and complain about life too but with caring for her, I find it helps us both when I try to keep a clear & happy mindset to keep her in the best mood as possible and I think it is the same thing with my outlook on Syracuse and those who live here. Find the positives and remember them and if you do find things you dislike, try to find ways to better them when possible.

Life In The Cuse is simply a link to looking up ways to save money, jobs, events, locally owned companies, local charitable organizations and other resources in categories that may help you find them easier and not intended to be a source of news or journalism. I want to create a way that makes it simpler for someone to look for information they may need at the time. Suppose you want to see who has what pizza specials or you want a birthday deal or want to see who is hiring nearby? I want to make it easy to just look that stuff up and make your decisions easier or show someone who only sees the negatives that there are many things to do, ways to save or good jobs still in the Syracuse area. I do not want to sit at home and wish I had done more to help when I can take a few moments out of my day to help share ideas that simply could make certain decisions in life just a bit easier to make or help put a little more money in your pocket. 

Simply click on the three lined tab at the top of the home page for the menu of options and you can then click to find the information on that item. I will gladly add more as more information becomes available to me. :)

Together we can make Syracuse a great place to live and visit and I hope this is just one small step to somehow make that a bit easier. Welcome to LIFE IN THE CUSE!!!