Do You Want To Share Your Positive Story Of Life In The Cuse?

For those who do not know, my name is Chuck Fiello Jr. or as some on social media may know me as OrangeChuck. I have been blogging off and on for several years. When I first started, I did it mostly about Syracuse sports but what I found during that time was that in doing so, I was just as passionate and happy blogging about the city of Syracuse, the area surrounding it and the businesses that make it more enjoyable.

A couple years ago, while caring for mom full time, I was searching for an idea. I did not want to blog about Alzheimer's or caregiving because people more qualified than me were already doing that and I wanted an escape. So I created Cuse Cheap to help people find good deals at locally owned businesses and help promote local business. Last year, I changed the name to Deals In The Cuse after realizing the word cheap often contained some negative aspects. Recently I started Jobs In The Cuse and decided to make it one big joint effort and call it Life In The Cuse.

I wanted to create a forum where we could point out some of the great things and ways to make life better in the Syracuse area. There are many forms of media in the area that cover the breaking news and often feed those who seek to only see the negatives in the area. And while I do not blame the media for this, I do think we need a break and reminders that so much of what we see is happening everywhere but what also exist are beautiful landscapes, amazing local businesses and kindhearted people who care about others as well as the area.

I have lived elsewhere for a good chunk of my life but Syracuse has always been home to me and it is where I spent most of my vacations over the years as well before finally returning almost 2 years ago (though I do wish the circumstances had been better). I love it here and if not for other personal aspects of my life, I would have returned a long time ago.

Now this is just part of my story and I plan on sharing more in the future about my experiences and businesses that I love BUT I also want to hear your story. Do you have a story about why you love Syracuse? Do you own a business here in the area and want to share more about it? Is there some aspect of the Syracuse/CNY area that you think is underrated and you want to talk about it?

I want to share your story with others and spread the positivity. So if you or someone you know has a positive story to tell, let me know. Message me on Twitter at @OrangeChuck or @DealsInTheCuse or @JobsInTheCuse or one of the Facebook pages or send me an email at and tell me what you would like to say. Together we can share our stories about Life In The Cuse and let everyone see all the great reasons why Syracuse is a beautiful place to live, open a business in, work in or visit.